Beginning to Vape in 5 Easy Steps

Beginning to Vape in 5 Easy Steps

Melbourne Vapes is here to help smokers kick their habits and transition to vaping. Read Melbourne Vape's guide on how to give up smoking and start vaping in these 5 easy steps:

1. Pick your vaping experience
2. Pick your device
3. Pick your vape Juice
4. Get the right parts
5. Read the instructions & vape

If you have been thinking about quitting smoking, vaping has been proven as the most effective method to assist you in achieving this, and choosing the right device and the correct vape juice can provide you with the same kind of satisfaction as cigarettes. The advantage to vaping over smoking is that you will have a vast range of flavours to choose from and you will experience added health benefits & save an absolute fortune from making this transition.

The vape kits on the market have certainly improved over the years and this has now made it even simpler for a smoker to switch. Being new to vaping can be a daunting experience as there is still a learning process that new vapers need to go through to get the best out of their experience when they first start vaping, and hopefully this blog post will assist you with navigating the world of vaping!

Here is how you can switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping in five easy steps.

  1. Pick your vaping experience

Before buying your first vape, have a think about exactly what it is you enjoy about smoking and how that might affect your choice of vape. Vaping is supposed to be enjoyable and give you the same level of satisfaction that smoking does, and it is so versatile that you can have lots of different experiences with the various combinations of vape kits and vape juice available to you from Melbourne Vapes. Here are 4 questions we feel you should ask yourself before you buy your first vape:

  • Do you crave the satisfaction nicotine gives you and want an experience with a punchy hit?
  • Or do you prefer the sensory aspects of smoking? Perhaps you smoke menthols or flavoured cigars and you would like something that can serve this desire?
  • Are big clouds important to you or do you prefer something more discreet when you vape?
  • Do you want a big vape kit that will make an impression when you show it to your friends or do you prefer something smaller and more pocket friendly?

Once you have thought about these questions and answered them you are ready to go shopping for your very first vape! :)

  1. Pick your device

So you have decided what kind of vaper you would like to be. Before you think about vape juice flavours, you should look through Melbourne Vape's selection of vape starter kits and decide what kind of vape you would like to have.

If you’re after that big satisfying nicotine hit, I would suggest you go for something that uses a heating element with a high level of resistance and wattage.

With one of these vape kits, you will be able to use vape juice with high levels of nicotine content (we’ll talk about what is considered "high" in the next section). These devices can sometimes be smaller and more discreet, and because they are less power hungry the batteries tend to last longer. You will still get a decent amount of vapor from these devices, but they won’t produce the massive clouds you can get from bigger more powerful vapes.

Sky Solo Plus - Vaporesso

Sky Solo Plus 

However, if you want big clouds you should select a vape starter kit that can produce a higher wattage. These vape starter kits are more power hungry which means they are often larger to allow for bigger batteries.

The tank, which is the reservoir where the vape juice is heated, also tends to be larger. That's because these vape starter kits will vaporise more juice per puff. And this means more vapor volume and big clouds!

You want more vapor, a nicotine hit and big clouds?

Look no further than these cutting edge starter kits:

Geekvape Aegis Legend 200W

Vaporesso Luxe S

Uwell Nunchaku 2


  1. Pick your vape juice

This is the fun part! Vape juice, also known as E Liquid, is basically a liquid that consists of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine, flavourings & nicotine if you add that in yourself. These ingredients are what create the vapor when you exhale. You put the vape juice / E Liquid in your vape as instructed in your user manual and you vape. It's that simple!

Buying vape juice for the first time can be so much fun! You have so many different flavours to choose from. Once you have decided which flavours you would like, there is only one more decision you need to make: how much nicotine do you want in your vape juice? It is important to note that all vape juice which is sold at Melbourne Vapes is sold without nicotine as per Australian laws. It is illegal for any vape store in Australia to sell you vape juice with nicotine.

Now let’s go back to the first question about which vape starter kit you want. If you chose a large vape kit with higher power so you can impress your friends with some epic clouds, you’ll need to go easy on the nicotine content. That's because you will be inhaling a larger volume of vapor each time you inhale.

How to pick your vape juice strength

More vapor volume means you will get more nicotine each time you inhale. Most vapers who use high powered vape kits prefer nicotine levels of 1.5 mg/ml, 3mg/ml or 6mg/ml (milligrams of nicotine per millilitre of liquid).

There is no exact science to this. You will figure out pretty quickly how much nicotine you want to add to your vape juice.

Here are some of our popular vape juice flavors for those who are quitting cigarettes:

American Patriots - Cowboy - Naked 100

Euro Gold - Naked 100

 And if you prefer more fruity flavours, here are some of our most popular selections:

Cola Shades by Dinner Lady


Shijin Vapor - Tortoise Blood


Pachamama - Fuji Apple Strawberry Nectarine


  1. Get the right parts

To make the most of your new vape kit there are two key spare parts you’ll need to have on hand: coils and batteries. Please note that you will only be able to get spare batteries for your vape starter kit if the batteries are replaceable.

Coils are the most important, and these apply to all kinds of vape starter kits. These small heating elements are included in every vape starter kit you purchase from Melbourne Vapes. The coil is inside the tank and you need to replace them regularly as instructed for your specific vape starter kit. Coils wear out over time, they are similar to a filter which needs replacing after a certain period of time. You will ultimately know when you need to replace your coil as the vapor will develop a bitter taste. When your juice doesn’t taste quite as good as it normally does, that means it’s time to buy replacement coils. For many vapers this is about once every 1 to 2 weeks depending on how much you vape.

I would suggest you get some spare coils with your first vape so you always have some on hand when you need them. You’ll need to get the coil that is compatible with your device. If you need some assistance determining which coil will fit your vape, feel free to contact us and we will help you find the right coil for your vape.

If you have purchased a vape kit that allows you to change the battery, I would also recommend you get a few spares. Be sure to always store these batteries safely! Accidents can happen when they are mishandled or mischarged. If your device has a built-in battery which you cannot replace, you might want to think about getting a backup starter kit as well. The good news is that vape starter kits with built-in batteries are usually cheaper than those where you can replace your battery.

  1. Read the instructions and vape

It may seem like an obvious one, but make sure you always read the instructions that come with your vape kit. This is to ensure you complete the initial steps of setting up your vape correctly so that your first vape can give you the satisfaction you’re after.

After filling your vape with vape juice, let the vape juice sit in your tank for 5 minutes before you vape it to ensure the coil is completely covered in liquid. This will ensure you avoid a dry hit, which will give you bad flavor and shorten the life of your coil.

Once you have done all of this you’re ready to start vaping! Within a few days, I am positive that you will enjoy vaping a lot more than you enjoyed being a smoker.

If you have any questions in relation to vaping or need more advice on how to get started, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you! :)

September 03, 2019 — George Shehata

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