Boundless - Vexil Vaporizer

$149.98 AUD $160.00 AUD


Introducing the latest and most innovative herbal vaporizer on the market, known as The Vexil! This cutting-edge device packs a punch in terms of power and efficiency while maintaining a compact design. The Vexil promises an unmatched aromatherapy experience within its category. It offers four pre-set temperature settings, thoughtfully selected to ensure optimal performance, and features a distinctive zirconia cooling mouthpiece that enhances the overall Boundless experience.

Crafted for convenience and dependability, the Vexil boasts a robust metal casing and utilizes non-combustion heating technology, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness from your herbal products. This device was carefully designed with both affordability and versatility in mind, making it the ideal choice for any herbal vaporizer enthusiast.

Incorporating a blend of power and efficiency within its compact design, the Vexil stands as the ultimate choice for those seeking an unmatched aromatherapy experience in its class. It offers four pre-set temperature options, accompanied by our exclusive Zirconia Spiral Cooling Mouthpiece, ensuring consistently impressive vapor clouds and rich flavours with every use.

Unique Cooling Mouthpiece

The Vexil sets itself apart with its zirconia cooling element integrated into the mouthpiece. This feature enhances the overall Boundless experience, effectively preventing overheating during your sessions.

Portable and Pocket-Friendly

The Vexil was specifically crafted to be both affordable and portable, catering to consumers who value convenience during their herbal vaporization adventures.

4 Pre-set Temperatures

Select from 4 pre-set temperatures :

• 377°F / 192°C,• 399°F / 204°C,• 413°F / 212°C, • 437°F / 225°C

High Grade Materials

Built for portability and reliability, the Vexil features a metal casing and non-combustion heating technology to ensure you get the most out of your product.


Vexil comes with one USB-C Charging Cable