Kingtons BLK Black Widow Drying Herb Vaporizer

$89.98 AUD $100.00 AUD


Presenting the Authentic Black Widow Dry Herb Vaporizer by Kingtons.

Black Widow Vaporizer Design: The Black Widow boasts a weight of 190g and dimensions measuring 128mm in height, 44mm in width, and 26mm in width, making it slightly taller than the original PAX. While it's not as compact as the PAX 3, it remains pocket-friendly, though a tad bulkier.

Crafted with high-quality aluminium alloy, the Black Widow vaporizer offers a lightweight, durable, and shiny exterior finish.

In contrast to many dry herb vaporizers featuring plastic mouthpieces, the Black Widow stands out with its high-quality metal mouthpiece. It includes a rubber seal at its base and a magnetic locking mechanism. This rubber seal prevents air leakage, while the magnetic lock ensures the mouthpiece stays securely in place, preventing quality degradation and loosening after extended use.

The device employs a deep and narrow ceramic heating chamber capable of holding approximately half a gram of herb.

Similar to the PAX 3 and DaVinci IQ, the Black Widow operates as a conduction-style vaporizer, utilizing a ceramic heating chamber. This design allows for efficient use of dry herbs or concentrates. It performs exceptionally well with dry herbs, although it may not be as suitable for wax, given the challenges associated with the wax pot. When set to higher temperatures, the Black Widow produces a decent amount of vapor. Notably, it offers five temperature settings ranging from 356°F to 428°F

Included with the Black Widow kit is:

  • Black Widow Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Set of tweezers
  • Chamber packing tool
  • Concentrate insert
  • 2 spare screens
  • USB Charge Cable
  • Instruction manual

Note: This device does not come with its own charger but is instead comes with a USB Charge Cable that is compatible with any 5V USB charger, such as a phone charger or computer USB port.