Uwell Caliburn Pod Starter Kit

$39.98 AUD $44.98 AUD
By Uwell


Do you even burn? The name's a bit misleading, as this bit of pod perfection hasn't yet in our extensive testing: the Caliburn Pod Starter Kit!

As above, we got a bunch of these as samples and doled them out across all the staff. Now, we can't even get our peeps to agree on the best way to cook an egg (scrambled, by the way), but the unanimous response was they are absolute gold. It's that good.

The Caliburn looks unassuming, but the sleek, slim design is something to appreciate time after time. A 520mah battery also seems innocuous until you get a genuine full day use out of it, and the 2ml capacity keeps the system nice and compact too.

The killer feature for the Caliburn is button or draw activation, whichever you'd prefer. It's even smart enough to disable the draw activation if it fails to make sure there's no sneaky burnt coils waiting to strike your poor tastebuds. The top fill pods are some of the best we've seen too, with the cap of each pod snuggled over the fill port to seal beautifully.

The hype is real, but even rarer than that, deserved. Excalibur by any other name, the Caliburn has conquered pod systems and our hearts, but do not be waiting around as many others are. We don't suspect our hearts will remain unbroken 💔


• Size: 110 x 212 x 116mm
• Capacity: 2ml
• Battery: 520mAh
• Resisitance: 1.4Ω
• Power: max 11W
• Activated by air or physical switch
• Five clicks to lock or unlock
• Top fill system reduces leakage
• Magnetic connection with a click for an easy install and snug fit
• LED indicator displays battery status

What's in the box:

• 1 x Caliburn Kit
• 1 x Extra Caliburn Pod
• 1 x USB Cable
• User Manual