Watermelon Ice IGet Bar Plus 6000 Puffs

$63.98 AUD
By IGet

Dive into a refreshing wave of flavour with the Watermelon Ice IGet Bar Plus 6000 Puffs Disposable Vape, available now at Melbourne Vapes. This premium disposable vape pen combines the succulent sweetness of ripe watermelon with a cool menthol breeze, creating an invigorating experience that is perfect for all-day vaping.

The IGet Bar Plus boasts an impressive 6000 puffs, ensuring an extended and satisfying vaping adventure without the need for refills or recharging. Designed for convenience and portability, this sleek disposable vape is perfect for vapers on the go, offering a hassle-free solution for those who crave both flavor and performance.

Each draw from the Watermelon Ice IGet Bar Plus immerses you in the juiciness of sun-ripened watermelon, delivering a burst of sweetness that dances on your palate. The exhale introduces a refreshing menthol chill, creating a harmonious balance that makes every puff a delightful experience.

Melbourne Vapes is proud to bring you this top-tier disposable vape, featuring the latest in vaping technology and a flavour profile that stands out from the rest. With the Watermelon Ice IGet Bar Plus, you not only enjoy the convenience of a disposable device but also savour the excellence of premium watermelon and menthol fusion.

Unleash the clouds and savour the flavour with the Watermelon Ice IGet Bar Plus 6000 Puffs Disposable Vape, a testament to the commitment to quality and satisfaction at IGet. Order yours today and elevate your vaping experience to new heights.


• Brand: IGet
• Unit: 1 Set
• Capacity: 16ml
• Battery: 1350mAh
• Puffs: up to 6000
• Package: Paper Box or Vacuum Sealed

1 x IGET Bar Plus device + 1x replaceable pod


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