Orange Grapefruit Lemon IGet Bar Plus Replacement Pod

$37.98 AUD
By IGet

The Orange Grapefruit Lemon IGET Bar Plus Pod combines the flavours of orange, grapefruit, and lemon. This flavour brings a rich citrusy taste, where the sweetness of orange, the tanginess of grapefruit, and the freshness of lemon blend together.

Note: An IGet Bar Plus device is necessary to use the Bar Plus Refill Pod. The Pod cannot be used independently.

IGet Bar Plus Pod Specifications

• Brand: IGet
• Unit: 1 Set
• Capacity: 16ml
• Battery: 1350mAh
• Puffs: up to 6000
• Package: Paper Box or Vacuum Sealed

1 x IGet Bar Plus Replaceable Pod

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